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Hello everyone, my name is Evelyn Sotelo~

I am a Peruvian American latina living in the DMV area currently.

Proudly, I have over 8 years experience in different fields of business management and ownership, income tax and business consulting. I love putting a smile on my clients' faces :)

Aside from my passion to help entrepreneurs thrive, I also have passions for travel, fashion [or my sense of fashion at least lol], the arts, decorating and baking! I love vintage everything, and if I had a time machine I would want to be my age in the 1940s. I am a retired mermaid [ hard to stay underwater when you have businesses to run :/ ] and live for my children and wonderful family.

Please feel free to contact me to chat, for advice, share your thoughts, or tips on how to stay underwater for an abnormally long time! 

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