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September 27, 2016


Hello everyone! I have such an exciting announcement!


For the past months I have been creating an online course that will help all of my clients, followers, family and friends to have a better understanding of the tax world. Many clients have expressed what a drag it is to learn about taxes, and how they wish there was an easy way to learn all the necessary facts and laws. Because of this, after last tax season I started planning this "Eze Tax Course To The Rescue" to offer all audiences a chance to become knowledgable on all tax topics. 


That being said, I am thrilled to announce this online course I created to help anyone and everyone who is interested in learning about taxes. You do not need to enroll in a college course or pay the overpriced-tax-company classes to learn the facts you need to know- you will have it all in my online e-course: "Eze Tax Course To The Rescue!"


All of my information for the tax course is backed up by Publication 17 from the IRS. As a professional tax accountant I strive in a providing the most accurate information and services to my clients. Publication 17 can be viewed here, but I warn you its 600 pages+....... exactly- you don't feel like reading it! Who (other than your accountant) wants to study Publication 17?! Sign up for the course today and don't miss your chance! Get 20% off for a limited time with promo code: EVELYN20 


Sign Up Here by clicking here: "Eze Tax Course To The Rescue!"



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