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"What's your secret?"

October 13, 2016

When I started this site for myself I knew it would require a lot of my time and commitment in order to make it a successful page. I want people to come to Evelynsotelo.com and feel engaged and inspired- if even just a tiny bit. This would require much thought and planning for my posts and the information I choose to share- time I feel like I don't have these days!


I am attending some courses this fall semester, and also launched an e-course. These two things have added a lot of stress and extra responsibility to my already crazy-busy life. Not only am I concerned about my school work, and my grades being great- I am also concerned that my students taking my online course will get the best lessons possible and will feel great about my course. I also have my office and business to attend, gym every day, soccer/basketball for my boys, boy scouts, music lessons, and family life.... its a lot! I must say the only way I have been able to tread the waters recently is with my faith in God!


I am not one to preach or give advice on faith or religion because I think that is an intimate topic. But the reason I am bringing this up is because I was reflecting on a recent conversation I had with a friend of mine. She asked me, "How do you do everything you do without going crazy??" I laughed because she was right- its a lot to handle! I'm no where near perfect, nor do I have the best advice, but since she ask I began to tell her my "secret" for getting through life. Early this year I became closer to God than ever before. I started thanking Him on a daily basis, praying for my family and fiance, for my boys to grow closer to Him, and for Him to give me every day strength for surpassing all obstacles, and embrace all blessings. I have found that my prayers and constant communication with God makes me feel safe and confident to take on ANYTHING and I find myself finding the positives in all of the"bad" things that may come up.


If you are interested in daily prayer, and reflection with God, I really encourage it! It changed my life for the better, and many blessings poured out into my life. I really feel so blessed and appreciate every little thing, even the bad stuff I used to ask God "why?" now I say, thank you God, I know why. 


A few things that I did and purchased (completely optional! I did this- you do not have to!) to help enforce my prayer life, and communication with God:

1. Watch "War Room"- this movie opened up my heart and SOUL! I watched it with my fiance and it really was such an inspiring movie - HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 

2. A Bible This is a link to the one I have (if you do not read the bible, perhaps some equal form or foundation literature for your faith)

3. I purchased prayer books for myself and for my sons, I recommend "Prayer For Boys"- by Brooke McGlothlin , link I bought it on Amazon. If you have daughters Amazon has great selection of prayer guidance books. This book isn't telling you HOW to pray, it leads you to verses in the bible that are directed towards motherhood, and praying for your child to grow with faith in God.

4. For the couples who want to do this together: I purchased this book, and for the ladies who can't get their significant others to join in prayer, this is a great free prayer guide.

5. A cute notebook to write my notes, journal reflections, and favorite bible verses. ( The Kate Spade ones are the cutest!)

6. A cute pen- it makes all writing more fun!

7. I also have this cute post-it pop-out thing to write notes in my bible ( I have a thing about marking the bible).

8. One last thing - For the people that work out/exercise: I used to work out with hip-hop radio stations on Pandora, or anything upbeat that can keep me pumped during my work out- now I work out with "Kirk Franklin Radio Station" on Pandora, and it really keeps me motivated to work out, while I praise God! 


I also recommend using Pintrest- it was a great resource for me. They have plenty of FREE prayer guides (I have a link to one at the bottom of this post), if you do not want to purchase anything. 


So that was my two cents on how I help myself, and keep my faith strong on a daily basis. The key to prayer is to try to make it a regular thing, and when you start to find your own prayer patterns, trust me, you will feel like a new person- loving your life and feeling like you can take on the world! Good luck to you guys, sending hugs, best wishes!






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