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The Gaby Pump

October 19, 2016

Everyone needs a good quality, comfortable, and affordable pair of pumps! Maybe not just ONE pair, maybe more (I'm guilty...)! Many mornings I find myself rushing to get ready, throwing on a blazer on top of my t-shirt and jeans, slip on some great pumps- and vuala- my outfit is perfect! The right pump can bring any outfit to life! That brings me to this amazing find: So on Amazon a few years ago, I discovered an amazing well kept British secret.......

It is the Gaby Pump! (SJP would approve! lol) It is made by a British brand "Riverberry"- quite affordable and easy to get addicted to! They come in all materials and sizes. Here are what they look like:


I re-order my "go-to" neutral pumps around this time every year because I find myself wearing them out so easily. I wear them day, night, kids' school meetings, church, dinners, parties, clients, etc etc- therefore they are shredded by the end of the season. I love having affordable pairs of pumps that I won't feel guilty if they get worn everyday ( I don't know about you but I like maintaining my most valuable shoes as new as possible). So this brand of pumps are like the "stunt double" pumps to the real deal...you put these on when you know its that long walk from the metro/car to your destination, and are more at ease in they get stuck in the cracks of the sidewalk. I have these in about 4 different colors- they are great! Another wonderful thing about these pumps is that they come with HEEL REPLACEMENTS! Yes- that is right, the British know how to sell a shoe! Have you ever gotten so upset about that heel getting stuck in the sidewalk crack?- never fret again with these heel replacements.



          Gaby in Black Suede                                    Heel Replacements!                              Gaby in Python Print

To order these amazing pumps:

Go to this link, enjoy online shopping (if you have Amazon Prime you get them within the next business day! If you are a student you can get free Amazon Prime- Check it out guys :) )

****I just checked and they have Gaby pumps starting at $16.99! You can't beat that price! I also posted on my snapchat a nice review on my new shipment that just arrived (follow me on SC: evelynsotelo.com).***

I hope you all check them out, and if you have any questions, please comment back! 


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