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How to be Productive When Working From Home

October 27, 2016

 How to get WORK DONE for the self-employed, students, bloggers, stay-at-home moms & business owners!


Many people tell me I'm fortunate to be my own boss- and yes I do feel very fortunate, it is a blessing in many ways! I can make my own schedule, work from home some days, others from my office- But during the periods that you are doing more work from home, instead of going to the office- ITS NOT that easy as it seems- so here are my two cents on how to get things done!


If you work from home (like me some days), you know there are countless temptations surrounding you. "Netflix and chill" has a different meaning for the self-employed lol. And not to mention it’s a daily struggle to change out of your sweatpants into real clothes when you are working from home! Its O.K. to give yourself the luxury of being comfy while working, but sometimes the more comfy your clothes are- the less work you get done :/ (I am guilty of this lol).


So- How is it possible to get work done when all these distractions are making you lazy?

Here are a few things that I have found helpful and also the featured outfit on this post! (make sure to click on the underlined links to see what I purchased/use for my office space and outfit):

  1. Reorganize and rearrange your office/desk/workspace.
    Why is it that you’d rather lounge on the couch and watch SVU re-runs than responding to emails, checking client accounts or to write a new blog post? So ask yourself- Do you have a designated office/work space? Do you enjoy working there? If the answer is no, it’s time to fix that! When I realized that I was working from home more than 2 days a week, I rearranged everything in my office space and even added a few decorations to make my desk more inviting and inspiriting to work from. I got some great ideas from
    IKEA, went to target, bought a great big calendar, and cute desk accessories to make working from home "fun"! My desk originally faced the wall, but I moved it around so I have a better view of a window. The space is much more open and enjoyable to spend my days in!

  2. Create a system that works for you.

    Do you like to write in paper planners or do you live by your phone calendar? Either way, figure out a method that you’re able to keep up with. Personally I LOVE the old fashion way of writing in my calendar and the Day Designer has worked the best for me so far. Prioritize your tasks and make lists. Recently, I started planning out my whole week in advance so I can feel more organized and less overwhelmed. I LOVE checking off things that get done!

  3. Dress as if you have a boss to answer to (lol).

    NO more sweats! Get dressed for success- even if you are working from home! You’re the boss and you can create your own dress code, but I find that I’m much more productive when I’m wearing"real" clothes and not my pajamas. Even putting on a pair of shoes makes a world of difference! I also find that I’m in a productive mindset when I put on makeup. No one’s going to see me at home, but my "at home make-up" is usually eyebrow pencil, quick top wing-liner and some good mascara! And I usually don't choose to wear a button-down shirt or anything too fancy at home. Below you will see my super easy outfit to have on while working from home to feel "in work mode" but still comfortable. 

  4. Schedule a coffee run, or errand run in your day, so you get some fresh air! Personally I don't drink coffee anymore- (recovering coffee addict), but I always try to either go to the gym in the morning, or run to my office for an hour that way I do not feel like I am in a "working from home" slump. Even a quick lunch date with a client or friend can give your day a little "oomph." In my featured outfit the simple sweater is soooo easy to accessorize and you can run out the house in it. Throw on some boots, and a cute hat and you look like you planned your outfit the night before. Scroll down for outfit details!


I really hope all of these tips help you! I know working from home is fun sometimes, but sometimes it really gets overwhelming! So perhaps these tips can help you feel more organized and less stressed! Below are the outfit details for this casual "work-from home" look. 



Hat: TJMaxx

Purse: H&M sold out but here is a similar one

 I monogrammed it myself ( I will post DIY soon on how to do this!)

Sweater: H&M (its on sale!)

Pants: H&M

Boots: Marc Fisher, Bought them on Amazon (surprise surprise)

Photog: Delgado Photos



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