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When is the last time you took a break?

November 4, 2016

Every now and then we all feel overwhelmed and stressed out with work, or school, family, personal life or other factors that contribute to our daily concerns. Myself as a business owner have a full schedule, plus my children's' schedule, which can make me go a little crazy sometimes;  we all have worries and daily life issues to deal with. So this is why I decided to give a gentle reminder to all of you about how important it is to take a break, listen to your body and remind yourself you deserve some time for YOU. 


Everyone has a different preference on how to "take a break" - whether it be going to the gym, a weekend outing, maybe a long walk or a time to watch your favorite show- it doesn't matter how you choose to take a break, as long as you do it! I myself am guilty of almost burning myself out at times, but I have learned in recent months how important it is to listen to my body. I have a great routine in place these days, and I am truly proud that on my planner I have one day a week that I have at least 2 hours blocked off with NOTHING written in the time slot- feels great to look forward to this time every week for myself. 


The past week I decided to take a break in a place I haven't visited in years, and I will explain why in a little. Our local Sligo Creek in Takoma Park is such an easy place to visit and super close to everyone since it has many roads along Montgomery County that lead into it. You can eat your lunch there, or if you have time walk the trail- I think its easy, close and gives you some fresh air. So for my break I slipped away from my office (1 min away) and took my camera with me- what a beautiful day!


Here is why I chose Sligo Creek to take a break:

Sligo Creek is very special to me because it represents a different time in my life. A time when I had a different job, a different lifestyle. I used to run on the trail every day for miles at a time. I was living such a great fitness lifestyle during those days! ( I am trying to get back) My parents used to be so proud of their "running daughter" lol. One day I asked my dad to join me on a run and he happily did. This was about a month before he was diagnosed with cancer,  and probably because of this he was having terrible back pains, and he thought a little exercise would help relive the pain. Not only did he come along, he kept up with me the whole time (it was 3+ miles, at a steady 5mph pace)! My father was such a motivator to me in fitness (and in life in general) and always taught me the importance of exercise. This day was a great example of his character. We were running side by side, and he would laugh and say, "whats wrong? you tired? you can't keep up?" lol...oh daddy.. I always think back on this day and ask myself how in the world did he run three plus miles with me, while he was at stage 4 cancer ( he was unaware yet), but he was so persistent to keep up with his daughter on her run. He is such an inspiration to me, I owe everything I am to him. My daddy, my fitness coach- my life coach, my everything. I lost him in March of 2012, he passed away- and as hard as that was, I find comfort in knowing I carry him so close to me every day, in my heart. So ever since he passed, I have not gone back to run on the trail. Coming back to Sligo Creek was a great decision. It was truly beautiful taking a break from my office to walk around, breathe in fresh air, take pictures of all the green, and reminisce about the great times with my father. 

I have my featured outfit below also- super easy and versatile for a beautiful autumn day. Scroll down for all the details on where to shop!




Flannel: NastyGal 

Black Jeans: Top Shop

Booties: Marc Fisher Bought on Amazon

Clutch: H&M Spring 2014

Wool Hat: TjMaxx (Found in store, similar link online)

Watch: Michael Kors, Bought at Nordstroms 2014 (similar link)

Camera: NikonD40

Photog: Dan Delgado, Delgado Photography



Thank you guys for taking the time to read and follow my blog posts! 








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