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New Home = New Target Finds

June 22, 2017

Hello everyone!! It has certainly been a long time since I shared thoughts, pictures and inspiration on my page. My life has been very very busy with business and family, but I am hoping this summer I will have some more time to relax, write and post! I am so glad to be writing and sharing (hopefully) some useful tips in this blog post! It will be the first of many on my "Lifestyle" section of my site!


I recently became a new home owner [woot woot] ~ I truly believe I found my dream house! It was beautiful from the moment I laid eyes on it, and God was gracious enough to let it be mine! The home was great, everything was great, the only not-so-great part is when we moved in a few weeks ago we had NO FURNITURE- literally all we had was our beds, and our kids' beds! So the first week I did a lot of "emergency" shopping for home stuff and to my surprise TARGET was AMAZING!! It has helped fill my empty home with amazing pieces- lots of style and low cost! 


In this post I will share a few essentials from target and how much they cost, also with links to buy at the bottom! I can't wait to share more of my purchases on this "new home-owner journey"! I hope you all enjoy! 

My Target Finds This Past Week (lol)!


Fabulous Kitchen Island Seating


Seating was my first priority! Since I had a kitchen island I was not rushing to look for a dining table/kitchen table right away - I was on mission to find beautiful & affordable counter stools. After so many hours of contemplating while online shopping on my phone, I finally decided on these, and I was so glad I purchased them!

Here are the Target Threshold Scrollback Nail Head counter stools..! [They are actually on sale today]

I purchased 4 of them (to not crowd the kitchen island) and in my opinion they made a stunning addition in my kitchen :)


Kitchen Essentials


The next time I was on the hunt for were cheap, kid-friendly things. I need protection for my marble counter tops, so eating without placemats is not an option. I went to my local Target and got things done! I bought placemats, bowls, mugs, plastic plates and cups, and adorable patio BBQ plates/serveware. The nicest cookie jar, and tumbler glass cups. At the end of this post there will be direct shopping links for everything!

Also PS- I am not saying this is my dinner china- or thanksgiving meal stuff but it definitely serves its purpose, and its all cheap and [most of it] kid-friendly [or you wouldn't cry if it broke]! See below :)



Accent Pieces


I found the nicest accent decor at target ALL ON SALE! Well I must admit I went to a few targets and they were not all having the same sales, but definitely still great finds. I bought a beautiful faux tree, area rug, rose gold lanterns, and awesome accent stools! Links will be at end of post :)


           Have fun clicking and shopping below! Some items were "in-store" only so I did my best to give similar links! Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! Please comment below if you have any suggestion or would like me to post about any other home stuff! 


- Evelyn



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